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RP01 GPS Vehicle Tracker

RP01 GPS Vehicle Tracker

HOT SALE IN INDIA! RP01 Vehicle gps tracking LIVE Real time GPS Tracker with internal battery

ET300 GPS Motorbike tracker

ET300 GPS Motorbike tracker

ET300 GPS Tracker is specially used for motorbike tracking. It can also be IP65 (Waterproo

GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06N

GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06N

VTS GT06N : This tracker is a multi-functional GPS satellite positioning tracker device wh

TK103 GPS Vehicle Tracker

TK103 GPS Vehicle Tracker

Based on GPRS/GSM network, it tracks remote pet/ personal/ car/ motorcycle in re

GT02 tracker

GPS Vehicle Trakers VTS GT02

VTS GT02 :This tracker is a multi-functional GPS satellite positioning tracker d

TK103 GPS Vehicle Tracker

TK103 GPS Tracker 2 Way Audio

TK103 2-way audio GPS vehicle tracker is most successful tracker for two way com

Welcome To India Gps Tracking

Best Ever Tracking Solutons for you

HeyUp India GPS Tracking Private Limited. provides the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which customers want to attach it. Our software will give you exact position of the asset at regular intervals. You want monitoring of fuel, speed, location, direction, journey account, driver’s conduct, hang around time, ride start and end times, any further services; we will customise the product and software that suits you best.


HeyUp India GPS Tracking Private Limited. can provide a single platform to cater to all your requirement of workforce management, and also a blended solution across vehicles and mobile devices which will extend your visibility both inside and away from the vehicle.

Vehicle tracking can help you reduce your fuel bills. You can measure private & business mileage. Also identify MPG inefficiency and reduce excessive idling and eliminate fuel abuse to help you decrease your fuel costs.

Every support request is assigned a ticket number. Ticket number help you track the progress and responses online. A complete archives and history of all your support requests is also available for online access via valid registered email address.
Why we are better

1. Accurate location with +/- 10 meters accuracy

Our device are specially designed with inbuilt GPS / GPRS chips with internal device antennas for accuracy and reliability. Our odometer display is accurate within 1-2% of the physical odometer.
2. Unlimited real time notifications and Device tempering alerts on smart phones

In case of device tempering, you will instantly get an alert. Notification are send for attempted vehicle theft, geo-fence entry and exit, over speeding etc.
3. Plug and Play

Our device comes with no wire splicing, every car has an OBD port under the steering wheel. You can easily plug the device into it. This helps you ensures that your car warranty is not voided.
4 Complete Managed Offering

HeyUp India GPS Tracking Private Limited. offer a completely managed solution so that you need are not bothered with recharging of SIM or SIM disconnections. Our devised is web based which ensure the date being secured and managed on the cloud.
5. No data loss

In case of no network coverage the trip information is stores in device locally and automatically get uploads when connected to network.

GPS Vehicle Tracker
TK103 GPS Vehicle Tracker
GPS Card Tracker
TK103 GPS Vehicle Tracker
ET300 GPS Vehicle Tracker

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